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Malkia Allure issue102 se1 I’m very excited, to bring our subscribers, fans, and followers our New ALLURE SERIES Magazine, part of The Malkia Brands of Magazines. This semi-annual magazine will showcase Wondrous Women, “Whom Gold Holds No Allure”. In these

BUY NOW This is a our first Sexy When Wet Summer issue and it’s featuring some Marvelous Models and FUN-tastic stories from around the United States. This issue will have you WET and wishing your were on the beach or

Body Configuration (Measurements) Height: 5’4 Bust: 36 Waist: 36 Hips: 41 How did you get into modeling, and what was your first experience like? I got into modeling by mistake. Went to take pictures with my Bestfiend, I believe it