Submission Guidelines

Introducing the Malkia Brand of Magazine 

There are a few rules, please read below for the submission guidelines. 

We will use a heavy cover stock for the cover and the dimensions for the print magazine are 8.75 X 12. We are looking for black & white AND color fashion I-candy  and beauty stories.

That’s right, submit as many stories as you want as long as they fit our guidelines.

Here are the submission guidelines:

For stories Please ensure you submit stories with this theme and make sure clothing is available in the stores

The deadline for submissions is 30 days before so start planning your shoots or looking through your recent work that would be a good fit for Malkia Magazine.

All entries must be exclusive content. This means that the images have not been published in another magazine.

You must have a minimum of 6 looks. You can submit 6 to 16 images for consideration for an editorial.

Please send low-res jpegs or a low resolution PDF of the entire series. If we are interested in seeing more, we will contact you to send high res jpegs, crew and clothing credits.

Please do not have any “stylists own” in your clothing credits. We want to know the labels on everything, including make up brands if you are submitting a beauty story.

At this time we are not accepting proposals or pull letters. We are only interested in content that has been previously photographed or a story that you come up with specifically for Malkia Magazine.

We are accepting both womenswear and menswear ublish your work. The form basically states that you are the owner of the photographs being published and agree to Malkia Magazine to have us publish your photos or story.

All editorials must have different looks. If you send us a story with one or two looks throughout the entire series it will not be accepted.

Editorials are accepted based on the quality of images so please keep that in mind.

If you have any further questions, please comment below or email us at info@malkiamagazine.comstories.

If your story is accepted, we will send you a standard release form that you must sign in order for us to p