Mocha Fest 2017
Mocha Fest once again doubled in size for the second straight year, with over 300 party people flying from all over North America for this one of a Kind Memorial Day Weekend Resort party event, hosted at Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica.It is more than safe to say, in only, it\’s 3rd year, Mocha Fest is probably the best thing happening anywhere in the world over the Memorial Day Long Weekend. For 6 days and 5 nights, you get to party at one of the most notorious adults only playground in the world, Hedonism II, enjoying non-stop parties, day and night, all inclusive premium alcohol, sexy open minded people, and great urban entertainment. If that does not sound like an amazing experience to you, I am not sure what else is. Mocha Fest will be once again hosted at Hedonism II for the fourth year, from May 25th – 30th 2017. Everyone had an incredible time for this past event, but we promise to deliver an even greater experience for the 2017 trip. With more people, more parties, and some special surprise entertainment we have planned, Mocha Fest 2017 will be 5 days of wild and intense grown and sexy urban adult fun. IF YOU WERE NOT WITH THE GROUP FOR 2016, YOU HAVE PROBABLY HEARD OTHERS TALKING. ROOMS WILL SELL OUT EARLY, AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THE BOAT FOR THE 2017 TRIP. JOIN US AT HEDONISM II IN NEGRIL JAMAICA FOR MOCHA FEST, MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 2017 EDITION

You work really hard all year round, with what seems to be never enough vacation time. This is why, whenever the opportunity presents itself to sneak off for a quick weekend trip, you should absolutely take that opportunity.
The Memorial Day Weekend Holiday is one of the best times to do that. Normally there is not too much going on locally, maybe a few friends and family backyard barbeques, an annual trip up to the cottage or to a local beach, or you just simply use the time catch up on personal projects around the home.
How about trying something new, fun and non-traditional for your next Memorial Day Long Weekend? You may not have not have heard about it, but for the last three years, over this holiday weekend, one of the most fun, liberating and adventurous events is hosted in paradise, Negril Jamaica, at a very notorious adults only resort called Hedonism II. The event is called Mocha Fest. An annual urban adults only party vacation, that is 5 days long, and features some of the wickedest parties you will ever experience any where in the world. Over 600 people travel from all over the United States to be at Hedonism II for this event. Singles, Couples and every one in between. As long as you are over 18, a little bit free spirited and interested in having an out of the box type of vacation experience, then you will no doubt have the time of your life at Mocha Fest.

Please be warned that this event is not for everyone. If you are more on the conservative side, wild parties, occasional nudity, PDA and too much alcohol may be offensive to you, then you may be better off spending your Memorial Day Weekend at a local gathering or at the cottage with the family. However, if you do not mind indulging or you do not mind being in an atmosphere with the above mentioned activities, then you definitely should jump on board for the next Mocha Fest event.
You most likely did not have anything significant planned for your next Memorial Day Weekend holiday. If you are looking for something fun and different to do, then Mocha Fest is a strong recommendation.