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We are very excited, about the release of this issue of Thycke Magazine, Issue #118. This issue brings you Kaitlyn Alissa our Featured and Cover Model, beautiful,

Thycke and jaw dropping bombshell. Also, in this issue, we are introducing four sensational models: Brichelle, a Sensational woman/model with a fantastic figure, an eye-

catching figure in her own right. and we’ve brought her back for a second issue. Also, there is Daisha a petite,

Thycke, model, with tattoos and piercings that will catch your eyes. KBeauty, looking tasty with icing over her beautiful, curvy, eye catching body. Stacy Dazzle, finishes
this magnificent issue with her stunning beauty and body of curves. We also are introducing a Rhythm and Blues and Pop Group, that you all should know from the 1990’s,
 After 7. They are back and bring a new sound and flavor to your ears. When we make decisions about the Models, we think about how you, our readers, what you all feel? When
you set your eyes upon our incredibly talented Models, will you stare for a few moments or flip to the next page? 


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