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Is LeBron Laker-Bound

, I am an intern on the SportsMoney team at Forbes. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Everyone wants to see where LeBron James will be playing next season, and the New York Yankees helped expose some major issues with ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, but there’s plenty more going on in the sports world. Here’s some of the week’s biggest news from basketball, football and baseball as the NBA Finals near an end, NFL teams start to hold mandatory minicamps and the MLB season begins to heat up.

  • With the start of NBA free agency on July 1 just a few weeks away, Gabe Zaldivar writes that the Los Angeles Lakers are in a great position to dominate the offseason, and Vegas seems to agree — one sports book just pegged the Lakers as the fifth most likely team to win it all in 2019. But even if LeBron James and Paul George both team up in Los Angeles, that might not be enough to push the Lakers over the hump into title contention.
  • Speaking of LeBron James, his odds of winning a fourth championship aren’t looking too hot right now. If the Golden State Warriors can finish out the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, James’ NBA Finals record will fall to 3-6 — but, given how James’ teammates failed him in Game 1 of this series, is it fair to hold that against him? Tommy Beer takes a look at James’ recent history in the Finals to answer that question.

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